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 We have always been on the cutting edge in this industry, from when we first developed a duplex flat-surface grinding machine using general grindstones to today when CBN and DIA wheels are available. We are recognized by many domestic and foreign customers, and MGT is now synonymous with disk grindstones. We work hard to help our customers meet their requirements with a wide range of general grindstones for precision grinding,
How to display grinding stones and wheels
Precision grinding stones
How to select abrasive grains for machining
Ceramic abrasive grains/SU abrasive grains
Disk rings and cylinder grinding stones
Centerless, crankshaft grinding stones
BEX grinding stones
Superabrasive wheels(CBN・DIA)
Disk LD series
Disk line-up
Centerless wheels
Flat surface/cylinder/cup rings
GMS("Gomashio"(Sesame and salt))
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