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Positions/Depts R&D, Product development, Production engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control, etc.
Working for MKS Mitsui Grinding Wheel, which started to manufacture grinding stones in 1933,
has a long and distinguished history in the precision grinding stone industry.
Precision grinding stones are used for sophisticated grinding operations.
There are many fields such as R&D and manufacturing engineering where true expertise is essential.
  •Commercialization and evaluation techniques in R&D and manufacturing process of new products In manufacturing departments directly involved in precision grinding stone manufacturing, we make full use of commercialization and evaluation techniques for planning, designing and management of manufacturing processes and product quality management at factories.
Locations Saitama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Thailand, etc.
Hours Head office: 8:30-17:15 (12:00-12:45 Lunch time) .
Branch offices and sales offices: Differ based on annual standard of 1,940 work hours.
Holidays Head office: 120 days per year, two days off every week.
Branch offices and sales offices: Differ based on annual standardof 1,940 work hours.
Benefit package Social insurances, workers' property accumulation savings, employees' shareholding system, company cafeteria (in Iruma).
Training Rank-based training, function-based training, English classes, etc.
Compensation Based on the Company's pay regulations.
Bonus: Twice a year Pay rise: Annual.
Traveling expenses All traveling expenses are paid by the Company.
Allowances Housing allowance, family allowance, and overtime allowances.
Selection As-needed basis.
Recruiting policy Our basic policy is "Expert minority". We employ the minimum number of personnel and actively assign important tasks to young employees to enable them to develop.
Therefore, we interview candidates face-to-face and consider their personalities.
•Inquiries: Nakamura
Administration Dept., Head Office, Mitsui Grinding Technology, Co., Ltd.
Telephone: 04-2934-5261 Fax: 04-2934-6074
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