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1. Idea of protection of personal information
  Mitsui grinding wheel incorporated company (henceforth "our company") will acquire and use information, including a name, an address, a telephone number, an E-mail address, etc., in order to perform business of our company smoothly. Our company deals with personal information under the following plan, in order to recognize proper protection of these personal information to be serious duty and to achieve this duty.
  (1) A law concerning the protection of individual information applied to individual information and other related laws are observed, and it takes care of appropriately in accordance with the habitual practice concerning the handling of individual information admitted fair appropriate in general. Moreover, it tries to improve Canasen and handling.
  (2) Regulations concerning the handling of individual information are clarified, and it knows to the employed person. Moreover, it is requested that the customer etc. be appropriately handled.
  (3) Personal information specifies and releases the use purpose and deals with it according to the use purpose.
  (4) In order to prevent disclosure of personal information, loss, an alteration, etc., a required measure is taken and suitable management is performed.
  (5) About the personal information to hold, a request of the indication from the person himself/herself, correction, deletion, and a use stop is accepted at the predetermined window, and it corresponds in good faith.
  (6) About the handling of individual information, the content of the above-mentioned
each item is reviewed and improved in Canasen.
2. About the purpose of use
  (1) Connection due to occupational cases
  (2) Fulfillment of a contract (offer of goods and service etc.)
  (3) Guidance about the goods and service which our company deals with
  (4) A questionnaire request of a customer satisfaction survey etc.
  (5) Correspondence to an inquiry or a request from you etc.
  (6) In addition, the purpose rationally considered to be necessity when carrying out business of our company
  (7) In addition, contents Our company was allowed to release in advance to you
3. About the use of those other than the above-mentioned purpose
  Our company -- 2. "the use purpose" -- when your personal information needs to be used for the purpose of an except, except for the case where it is allowed by a statute, your consent shall be obtained about the use
4. About indication and the offer to the third party
  Our company remove the case where it corresponds to "2. the use purpose", and we do not disclose or offer your personal information to a third party.
  (1) When you get the Hon person's of everybody agreement
  (2) When it indicates and it offers it with the person in question like statistical
data etc. cannot identified
  (3) When indication and the offer are requested based on the law
  (4) When it is difficult to get agreement of everybody when it is necessary person's life, to body or to protect the property
  (5) When there is a possibility of exerting trouble on execution of the office work concerned by being the case where it is necessary to cooperate when a country or a municipal corporation carries out public office work, and obtaining your consent
5. About the individual information inquiry window
  Our company ask to contact the following individual information inquiry window appropriating well about claim about indication, the correction, the suspension, and the deletion, etc. of an inquiry of individual information of everybody and individual information.
  'Window of individual information inquiry'
  Mitsui grinding wheel Co., Ltd. Management Division Administration Section
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